Frequently Asked Questions

What does LAIM believe about the Bible?

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How can I get updates on what you are doing in the field?    

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Why is LAIM needed in Latin America?

The best roulette and poker on our site tragamonedas mas nuevas. Go to and get big bonuses! There are millions of people living in native Indian communities in Latin America who do not know Christ, and who will never be reached through conventional mission strategies. LAIM provides these indigenous communities with consulting on unique strategies in urban outreach and assists in developing projects based on their specific need.

Will you please describe the current conditions in Latin America which have necessitated the formation of LAIM?

Many of the Indian communities in Mexico, Peru, Colombia and elsewhere face critical situations. In addition to a general situation of poverty, much  persecution of evangelical Indians has occurred over the past two decades.

Aren’t there enough mission agencies already?

Yes, there are. That’s why LAIM does not have any missionaries of its own, but is working entirely through existing leaders in target communities. We are a catalyst, consulting and funding agency. We help native leaders and local pastors with the strategy they need to make them many times more effective in their work of community outreach.

What makes LAIM different than other ministry groups?

LAIM is unique, as it was developed to meet the specific needs of the community and all projects are lead by the people. Identified projects have proven to be more effective, sustainable and cost effective. The leadership of LAIM reflects a diverse range of professionals and our projects are based on specific need when vocalized from the community.

What organizations are working with LAIM?

We’ve enlisted existing programs with Indian leadership participation and some recognition and backing as a coalition of sponsoring organizations. In Mexico these include Centro Cultural Pro-Totonaco, Misión Mazahua. CINSA (a council formed by 100 Mayan Indian pastors, representing five different language groups and several denominations, trying to resolve the situation of their people in Chiapas) and CLADEC (a missionary training program in Mexico City)

What is LAIM’s affiliation?

LAIM is non-denominational. By that we mean that it crosses denominational lines to work with any community driven and religious institution to implement their mission and assist in community needs. A statement of faith is available upon request.

How important are my gifts to LAIM?

Your gifts are indispensable. Without the giving of concerned, missions-minded people, churches, and other organizations, the work of supporting Latin America native leaders cannot be completed.

Are there opportunities to be exposed first-hand to the ministry?

Observation trips to Latin America are scheduled throughout the year. These trips provide a great opportunity to view the work firsthand.

In how many countries is LAIM presently working?

Presently various projects are active in two Latin American countries—Peru and Mexico. Past projects have touched all South American and Central American countries as well as Native African tribes and Native American tribes.